Frequently Asked Questions

To place an order for Label Verification Letter or Data Plate/Compliance Certificate you must complete a request form. Request form can be found at the following location:

It is also located in the main IBTS home webpage (, under the Certification & Data Plates/Compliance Certificates (Green Header) Section.

No, the order must be placed through the request form. There are four ways to place an order:

  • Via online: Form can be submitted directly form website after its completion.
  • Via email: Complete PDF form can be emailed to
  • Via fax: Complete PDF form can be faxed to 703-437-6894. Please note that this is an electronic fax that could present communication problems with non-electronic faxes.
  • Via regular mail: Complete hard copy must be submitted to:
    	Atn. Labels Department
    	45207 Research Place
    	Ashburn VA 20147

Regular requests typically take 5–10 Business days. Urgent requests are processed in 1–3 Business days.

Our fees for Label Verification Letter are:

  • Regular: $50 (5-10 business days) ($50 non-refundable research fee); or
  • Urgent: $100 (1-3 business days) ($75 non-refundable research fee)

Our fees for Data Plates/Compliance Certificate are:

  • Regular: $100 (5-10 business days) ($75 non-refundable research fee); or
  • Urgent: $125 (1-3 business days) ($100 non-refundable research fee)

Please note that fees will be charged per home, not per side.

Manufactured Home
Manufactured homes are constructed according to HUD Code. Modular homes are constructed to the same state, local or regional building codes as site-built homes.

Manufactured homes are not considered true, stick built/site built homes. They are technically considered impermanent "vehicles" on wheels and, as such, they do not have the same appraised value as a site built/stick built home. Nor do they hold their appraised values over the long haul.

Modular Home
Modular homes on the other hand, are considered stick built homes just as a true "site-built" home would be. And, as such, are normally appraised in the same fashion, given the same value, and hold their appraised value the same as a traditional site built homes.

The only fields you must fill out are the ones marked with an asterix (*). If you don't' have the date of manufacture, type today's date. If you know the year and not the exact date; you can type the year and January 1st (01/01/1234). Fill out the rest of the form as best as you can. Anything you don't know, you can leave blank. We need the HUD Certification Label Numbers (found on the red tags outside the home) or the Serial/VIN (also found on the DMV Title) in order to process a request. The reference/loan number and closing date are identifiers for you to use; especially when you send multiple requests.

No, we do not search homes based on property location nor we can't tell if a home was moved from its original location. We can only conduct our search with either the Serial Number or the Certification Label Number. We don't have information about home final destination or if a home was moved from original location.

Currently we don't have any model or title information for Manufactured Homes.

Certification Verification
is a letter that provides the following information: Label Number, Serial Number, Date of Manufacture, Name of Manufacturer and Plant Location and Location of First Destination (usually the dealer). It does not contain the wind zone, roof load or thermal information.

Data Plate/Performance Verification Certificate
provides Serial Number, Date of Manufacturer, Name of Manufacturer and Plant Location and Wind Zone, Roof Load Zone and Thermal Zone for which the zone is designed. The certificate is based on the zone requirements in effect at the time the home was manufactured, for the location of the home's final destination (usually the retailer). It does not contain the Label Numbers.

All manufactured homes built after June 15th 1976 fall under the HUD program. These homes have Certification Label Numbers and Serial Numbers. The Certification Label Number can be found on the HUD metal tags attached to the outside of the house. The Serial Number and the Certification Label Numbers can be found in various documents such as the title, appraisal, certificate of origin, certificate of affixture, or engineer report. The Serial Number is also engraved on the front cross beam underneath the house.

You can email or call our call center 703-481-2010 with your credit card information (Credit card number/CV/expiration date) and ask to upgrade your regular request to urgent (upgrade fee will be charged).

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